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About Sleeman Mill & Lathe

Sleeman Mill and lathe Inc. caters to the plastics Industry by providing services in product  design, prototyping, Mold designing, mold fabrication and machining plastics. We go through the following steps in a typical request:

  • product design or design review
  • application of product to determine material selection and part fabrication method.
  • prototyping the part by machining plastic parts or 3D printing.
  • testing prototype part for product design application.
  • mold designing based on material process: injection molding, casting, compression molding.
  • mold fabrication of plastic molds for the injection molding, casting , compression molding process.

Why choose Sleeman Mill & Lathe?

  • We specialize in design, prototyping
  • We offer one part to multi-run part production
  • We are experts in machining plastics
  • We have expertise in Mold-Making and Design
  • We have qualified personnel to serve all of your needs


In 2007, Sleeman Mill & Lathe was born out of necessity, as the owners were dealing with numerous machine shops that:

  1. Didn’t specialize in plastics machining
  2. Had an inconsistent turnaround time
  3. Didn’t specialize in mold-making.

Since then SML has grown into a speciality machine shop specializing in plastics, prototyping and mold-making.

Owner: Tom Vermeeren

Tom has a background in structural design and plastics manufacturing. This has been very beneficial when designing new products and converting metal parts to plastic products over the last 27 years. Tom has worked in the rubber industry compounding and molding rubber. On the plastic side he has worked in pultrusion, extrusion, injection molding and casting of materials.



Tom’s Bio

  • Graduate of Fanshawe College Civil Engineering Technology program with a major in Structural Design
  • Graduate of NAIT Plastic Engineering Technology Program
  • Is a registered Certified Engineering Technologist and a member of ASET
  • Is proficient in Solid Edge CAD software for designing products
  • Is proficient in NX7 CAM software for programming CNC equipment
  • Designs molds and plastic products
  • Has experience in rubber compounding, rubber molding, extrusion, pultrusion, injection molding, insert molding and cast molding.