Product Design

 Product Design Must Focus on Indulging Customers and Compelling Them into Making a Purchase

If there is one thing that can be surely said about the future of product design is that it is changing and that too, at a rapid pace. As a business owner, if you want your product to gain instant fame that would not just die out after a few days of its launch, you need to think beyond just the aesthetic appeal of the product’s packaging. In order to achieve longevity, a product’s design and qualities must connect with the targeted customers at a much deeper level.

The new breed of product manufacturers have already figured out that today’s market is a lot more demanding than it has ever been. That is why just thinking about the functionality or availability of the product would no longer be sufficient. Potential clients are looking for a wholesome experience and that necessitates flawlessness in everything; starting from designing, packaging to quality, affordability and availability. Only if all these aspects are duly taken care of by the product design team can a brand hope to build a solid identity for itself and therefore increase its chances of success in this competitive market.

When every little step starting from the first contact of the customer with the product in the store to its final disposal, is so very important, it is easy to understand that what the customers are looking for is a positive user experience which will fulfil their expectations satisfactorily. This trend in product design is readily being termed as ‘experience design’.  What this trend underscores is that the company should never be doing anything that can remotely risk customer’s frustration or worse anger. And this includes taking a good product and packaging it in such a way that it becomes impossible to either open the packet or read the instructions on it. It is quite obvious that your main goal is to create an effective brand experience and in order to get just that, your product design needs to reach across disciplines.

Marketing manager, product designer, customer service manager, supply chain manager, retailer – each and every one of them needs to be on the same page as the customer. After all, it is an obvious fact that effective brand strategies can only thrive on the grounds of collaboration. Besides understanding the purpose of the plastic product, its use and intent, its life cycle, etc, commendable product design work also includes maintaining the uniqueness of the design. This means that during this entire process, extra care needs to be taken of design registration, patent or trademark protection and so on.

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